Margaret Thatcher and the Anarchists (Part II)

Much to the dismay of many commentators the dismantling of American society is by no means original to the hippies, women libbers, black panthers and civil rights leaders of the 1960’s. If anything it’s one of the greatest traditions the founding fathers bestowed upon us. In fact it’s what makes us Americans. But in order understand our heritage as Americans we must reconcile our past history while also embracing it’s paradoxical assertion of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. One example of this paradox was the alliance with France and it’s now notorious King Louis. France’s monarchs epitomized arrogance decadence and overall stupidity and came to personify everything wrong with a feudal hierarchy. Ironically this same flamboyant French king also financed the American Revolution. During and after the war Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franken were enjoying all the creature comforts of French aristocratic society. John Adams was also deployed to Europe as a diplomat but didn’t show the same enthusiasms for the culture as Franklin and Jefferson. Adams, Franken and Jefferson are of course all known for their larger than life personas even back then. So what was it that made these men unique both present day and past? Generally speaking they’re all referred to as the founding fathers. The men that set the compass for a promise land we now call America. Men that purportedly had the courage and conviction to call the British king a tyrant for his actions and mock a narcissist hypocritical parliament whilst wining and dining “perfidious Albion’s” greatest enemy. Ironic indeed. The colonist declared the British were “making slaves of us” with their taxes and Samuel Adams, John’s distant cousin, organized what we now call the Boston Tea Party (circa 1773). For all their bravado and rhetoric in reference to slavery and freedom one might easily assume these men had high moral standards not only for others but also themselves. But such an inference would be misleading, disingenuous and ultimately false...Conclusion