Stop In Name Of Big Brother: Getting Jiggy With It In All The Wrong Places

215872813_f404ba92b2450140a6500c5320fc3599_xlargeUsually when people have sex they do it in a bedroom (ok sometimes) or on the floor or at the zoo. Don’t ask. It wasn’t me by the way. But on the shoulder of a country road? On the hood? Listen I’m not trying to be judgmental but that’s just really stupid. Hell I’m guilty of fornicate in all the wrong places. Who isn’t? OK if you just yelled “not me” chances are you’re a prude and need to get out more. Start living a little. Or you’re boring so don’t bother. You might thrown out your back. I admit I’ve lack sound judgement at times (sorry to the staff of the Savoy Hotel in London) but this? Uh, no. I do have some standards. Not many but some. I can understand getting jiggy with it whilst in the car. That makes perfect sense but on the hood of a Beemer in broad day light? Doggy style? Come on people. Again, not to be judgmental but how desperate can you be? And he couldn’t even bother to put the Corona bottle down. Number one rule when it comes to fucking in public; Make sure the ubiquitous Google cameras are not around. Number two, get a room for fuck sake (pun intended). And yes it really wasn’t me at the zoo. At least not that time.  😉