Just Call Me A….

Yes. It’s the word that can rally small armies of people to proclaim the vulgarity of a society that clearly has lost tough with its Victorian roots. Shame really but thankfully many of us crazy as fuck cunts are saying enough is enough. You see words are about power. Words are nothing until we give them meaning. Along with the meaning of a particular word there is the power of that word to shame and degrade someone or something.

The beauty of words are their plasticity. Perhaps the spelling stays static but the meaning behind them doesn’t. Case in point the word “Queer”. For many years this word was used to degrade LBGTQ people and put them in their place. A place so low that you could never crawl back up. But something queer happened along the way. Gays and lesbian started claiming the word for themselves and along with that claim the shaming of the word lost its meaning. The same goes for the word “cunt”.

I recently had my first showdown with a fellow tweeter/tweetor and I must say it was so anticlimactic. But I digress. Anyway this guy decided the best way to own me so to speak was by calling me a “sycophant”! Really I can’t make this shit up. So I decided to get down to business and own him right back. My reply to Mr. Boring was as follows:

I think cunt would be a better word than sycophant but by all means don’t lower yourself for my benefit; Best wishes <3.” 

OK I am totally guilty of blowing my own horn but I have to say I think it was one of the best lines I’ve used on twitter thus far. The point I’m making is this. When someone tries to put you down with their words instead of being offended be inspired. Many of my fellow cunts are starting to embrace the word and refuse to give it a negative power. As a matter of fact, you should take it as a good sign as it usually means you’re doing something right which in my case is a rare occurrence. So go on and tell someone how very proud you are to be such a good little cunt. I dare you.