Hairy Men=Sexy?

According to a bunch of know-it-all’s (aka researchers) in the land down under women only like to fuck guys with hairy beards. Well this really seemed odd because most of the women I know can’t stand facial hair including yours truly. Hair coming out of a man’s face is the least attractive thing I can think of. It’s gross and when kissing is involve it can get really awkward. Imagine kissing a floor mat. Yeah, not too sexy. Now I will say that a little stubble is quite sexy but I’m talking peach fuzz puberty length not Berber carpet. But not even those men can get lucky because according to these purported findings “those with light stubble were deemed the least attractive.” I guess Gerard Butler just needs to pack it in and make a sequel in real time to Leaving Las Vegas. Maybe it’s because the women who participated in this study live in a remote part of Australia and don’t know about shaving. No one seemed to ask if these women shaved their legs or armpit hair because if they didn’t perhaps that would suggest a penchant for body hair negating other factors. Maybe they all live in a commune and are stuck in a 1960’s time warp because this really seems misleading. Another thing, there is very little hard science that can be drawn from one study. The empirical method must be repeated numerous times and with different variables in order to weed out faulty elements. For instance if this same study was done in New York City and the data showed the opposite to be true the conclusions drawn from the initial findings would be deemed invalid. So it’s misleading to draw any useful insight from these results as there isn’t enough data to validate any hard evidence. I find these study’s disheartening and somewhat degrading to both men and women. If you listen to the language describing the findings it sounds tainted with stereotypical ideals of what is and isn’t masculine thus reinforcing sexist perceptions of what is and isn’t gender appropriate. According to these findings men with heavy beards “are likely more attractive to women because it contributes to a mature and masculine image.” OK seems simple enough. But what else is this sentence implying? That the only men women want to fuck are Neanderthals. Great! Way to reinforce socially constructed ideas of gender. Please! So what can we really learn from this study? More bullshit basically. As if the world didn’t have enough.