Who Ever Told You That You Could Work With Men….

There are few movies that remind me of certain aspects of my childhood and this cult classic is one. My father owned a law firm and much of my formative years were spent surrounded by alpha-male good old boy attorneys so maybe that’s why I like it so much. I remember in college this girl and I were talking in the student union eating Taco Bell and somehow we got on to the subject of men. She asked me why I loved hanging around with the guys in our class so much and it struck me as an odd question. Why wouldn’t I want to shot the shit with a whole bunch of cute guys? Anyway, I told her because they’re fun to hang out with. End of story. Nothing to see here kids now move along. She gave me a look that would have rivaled Hannibal Lecter with a really bad case of indigestion at a cocktail party and said “you know those guys as like sexist pigs right?  Oh shit I thought. What have I gotten myself in this time. To make a short story even smaller I just said yah your right they’re total lame fucks and high tailed my ass outside. Unfortunately I’ve had way too many conversations like this with women and what I’ve come to realize is that women are just as fucked up as men. Women are taught to fear men and presume that all men, not just some, but all men are guilty until proven otherwise. I was lucky in this regard because I didn’t learn to fear men until much later than the average girl. I guess that’s why I love the egotism and cadence of male banter. It’s so in-your-face and real. Men don’t fuck around when they talk. You either know the rules or leave because no one gets out alive. Yes it’s not nice and it certainly isn’t very P.C. but it’s honest. Yes it’s eviscerating but also incisive and that’s what I love about it. I honestly wish women would learn how to stop being polite and start being bitches. Happy Friday from the cast of Glengarry Glen Ross.