The 48 Laws of Power

The 48 Laws of Power is really nothing new as far as it’s approach is concerned but what it does bring is new insight into how the old school of Machiavellian strategy is being implemented in it’s modern form. If you read it and I suggest you do but not for any nefarious reasons the first thing you’ll notice is just how accurate Robert Greene is in his observations. He develops a clear and brutal pathology for what he deems success can be and gives his readers a step-by-step guide a DIY manual if you will on how to subjugate everyday people to these rules. Basically everyone can serve as a means to an end if you know how to play the deck you’re given and for those that don’t fall in line well just cunt punt them. It’s brutal and brilliant all in the same breath. Ayn Rand would be proud I’m sure. But since I’m by no-means Machiavellian my initial reaction to the book was that of visceral disgust. After my knee-jerk response wore off I started to rethink just what it was that made me so despondent. Then I had a coming-to-Jesus moment. I realized that what I found to be so unsettling was that it was clearly the tone of a sociopath’s mind. Make no mistake about it. The “Laws” are nothing more than a user friendly tome for learning how to be the best sociopath in the room. And it’s popularity only confirmed that we are living in the age of the sociopaths. So for those of us missing that key element for success viz. we’re non-sociopaths let us also embrace this masterpiece in order to counter all the American psycho’s roaming our streets. It’s a must read.