Reality-based feminism: A version that’s based in reality

Ah yes privileged and problems. It’s what’s doing in twenty first century feminism. All these women are privileged and all don’t seem to either get that or are just too busy being sanctimonious that they can’t take a hint. So I’m going to do it for them. If you’re a woman who has access to the internet that in its self is saying something about you. It’s saying that a) you have at least a rudimentary education because you can read and write b) that you can afford a computer c) and can also afford a monthly fee for an internet connection. If you have the time and energy to sit down and write a blog about people’s privilege guess what? You’re privileged. Congratulations! True you might be a feminist blogger that goes to the local library to access a computer and thus the internet but chances are you’re not and why are those chances low? Because most women who have to go to the library to access a computer probably don’t have time to indulge in internet bullshit. Their more likely to be looking for a low paying job with no flextime or some sort of financial help in order survive from day to day. Oh these first world problems. They’re such a drag. You know clean water, police and fire departments on call 24/7, electricity, hospitals with life saving equipment. So let’s all check our privilege at the door because we all have it simply by default.