A Transgender Breakthrough

“At its core, the gay rights movement is not about enabling people to be gay; it’s about helping more people to be themselves, without persecution or ostracism.”

The Dish

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Anderson gets an exclusive interview with Kristin Beck, who used to be Navy Seal Chris Beck (with a big gnarly beard). Money quote:

Though her identity was hidden, the rest of what Beck offered was true. “I gave true brotherhood. I did my best, 150% all the time, and I gave strength and honor and my full brotherhood to every military person I ever worked with.”

Never under-estimate the power of the US military to foment social change. They shifted American culture when they integrated in 1948; they have done more to debunk the notion of female weakness or subjugation than any other comparable institution; they proved that gay people are and always have been among this country’s patriots and war heroes; now we learn that a member of the Navy Seals has become truly herself.

More to the point, she’s engaged with fellow veterans in the staggeringly tough job of living…

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