Navy a la Femme

The Atlantic posited the need for the military to rethink their strategy for integrating the sexes when it comes to infantry and combat by asking “can the female body withstand the rigors of infantry training?” and the only answer needed is uh yes you dick. Try carrying a baby in your body for nine months then pulling it out your ass hole and then maybe I’ll take your question somewhat seriously.

Why some women feel the need to compete with men on patriarchal constructed ideals of strength I’ll never understand. No matter how long and hard a man trains he’ll never compete with a woman’s ability to give take away or not give life and if that’s not more powerful than infantry training I really don’t what is. Men literally do not have the spine for pregnancy and yet some women still believe their physical strength should be measured against men’s. Think about it this way. If all the men on earth were to die suddenly due to a feminist zombie invasion but the world’s sperm banks were still open for business well there wouldn’t be much need for men.

We could create a sponk protocol to maintain the female population. We wouldn’t need a great deal of studs around as the average male produces 15 million sperm per cum session. Hell we could just throw some men in a Big Brother house and give them a daily quota to fill (pun intended). But since this scenario sounds like my idea of complete and utter uber hell I’m not down with it. I must admit I really don’t like men. I fucking love, love, to infinity and fucking beyond love men.

Personally I can’t think of a more perfect feminine hell that to be stuck in a world full of women. Do you know how bitchy we are? We’d start ovulating in unison and that really would be the end of the world. I’m also the mother of a future man and my world would be worthless without his spirit and love so no I’m not advocating for a male free world. As a matter of fact I’d quite happily opt out of such a world. So when I read article about women braking down barriers in the military I can’t help but ask who’s barriers are they braking down? Men’s or women’s?