Ratchet Me This: How Do We Ride For Pleasure In a Pimp Culture?

Firstly why the dichotomy between real colored girls and other black women? Isn’t being a black woman qualification enough to be a real colored girl? If anything the need for these women to even draw attention and distinguish themselves from other black women shows just how trap they are by their own narrative. If anything the title only reinforces the white supremacists patriarchal ideals that they are trying to brake free from. The old “us versus them” trope that only limits not expands much needed dialogue within all feminist communities. Second Beyonce is not Tina Turner so don’t be dragging in someone else’s baggage into your own house. Lastly for many of us non black women she represents healing in a variety of forms and for that we will never view Beyonce as anything less than amazing and a role model for all women regardless of color class religion or nationality.

Real Colored Girls


First things first: we are not talking to Jamilah-come-lately. If you ain’t been boycottin’ R. Kelly since Aaliyah was 14, if you even needed to see the piss tapes to persuade you further, if Kevin Powell’s BK Nation petition was your entry into this conversation, you ain’t got the answers.

Second: if you’re trying to engage in an analysis of Black women’s sexuality, without acknowledging the role of pimp culture in your framing, you ain’t been doin’ the education.

‘Pimp culture’ is the umbrella under which we map the interlocking systems of oppression that create the material conditions under which Black women experience bodily and psychic harm. Vestiges of the gator-wearing, fur cape-lined pimp show up in our private and public spaces and we feel the brunt of his solid gold cane in our experiences of mass culture apparatuses. Pimp culture employs white supremacy, misogyny, racism, homophobia and…

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