Don’t Speak

Jezebel brought attention via That Girl Magazine to a scene in the new movie Wolf of Wall Street which depicts Leonard DiCaprio raping his wife and believed it problematic that not enough people were talking about it. Any scene of rape should be unsettling regardless of the media attention drawn. Earlier this year there was another rape scene on the show Mad Men that also depicted rape but from a different angle. Abigail Rine writing for The Atlantic wrote an eye-opening piece called Don Draper Was Raped in which she describes the depiction of a young Draper being coerced into unwanted sex. In the scene a teenage Draper is in bed with a prostitute and is clearly taken advantage of but practically no media attention was brought about by it. Very few people found it unsettling that Don Draper was raped unlike a similar scene in the show Girls which drew significant dialogue on the topic.

The fact is the media and in particular feminist media have very little to say about the rape of boys and men. Why? For the most part men are mostly depicted as horny toads wanting sex 24/7 regardless of their vulnerabilities and age. They’re animals in heat aways waiting to pounce on their next fuck. They have no control over their desires and must understand that forcing a woman into unwanted sex is a bad thing. Accordingly men must be taught not to rape as their de facto sex setting is always on predator mode.

Fact is most men will never rape a woman regardless if she’s his wife or not. Surprisingly so most men really do know the difference between consensual sex versus rape and misleading stereotypes of male sexually as animistic are just as nefarious to men as female stereotypes are to women. Male sexuality is hardly ever shown as nuanced as women’s which only goes to show how restricted male sexuality really is. So when we talk about rape lets talk about all forms of rape including the rape of boys and men. Rape regardless of gender is a feminist issue and it’s time we bring to light all its victims and not just some.