Unusual Victims

Typically when we read about domestic violence we expect the status quo narrative of the male perpetrator battering his girlfriend/wife but sometimes the usual suspects become the unusual victims. Such is the case with the young actors Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. Back in July Roberts (Julia Robert’s niece) was arrested for battery after an altercation the two had that resulted in Peters bloodied and with a bite mark. Roberts was released shortly after the arrest because of Peter’s refusal to press charges. The couple simply had a misunderstanding according to their reps. and were “working together to move past it.”

Over the holidays the two got engaged and last night the couple appeared at the Golden Globe Awards looking quite blissful with Roberts showing off her new engagement ring. But what lies ahead for these two doesn’t look or sound as promising as they would have us believe. Any person regardless of gender that would initiate violence against their significant other is more than likely a troubled individual. Violence is seldom something that happens once and never reappears again. It’s a reaction to a situation or emotion that the perpetrator feels is spinning out of their control. Accordingly violence is used as a means to an end and is a clear signal to any person questioning the authority of the transgressor.

Love is a hard thing to give up even when it’s dangerous. We tend to accept certain idiosyncrasies a person demonstrates as the price we pay for love. No one is perfect but at what point do you let go and realize your love is not the cure? There are no clear cut paths to this kind of awakening. The only resolve for the witnesses of the situation is hope even when it’s in vain. But if and when a person comes to realize they can no longer participate in a subversive relationship a true friend with not judge the victim and blame them for their indiscretion.

What makes this case so different is the victim. He’s a handsome young rich up and coming film star. How is it possible that he was beating up by a girl shorter and weighing less than him? It seems unlikely but there’s photographic evidence to prove otherwise. If the gender roles were reversed no one in their right mind would question the legitimacy of Peters assault. That’s why it’s important for the media to cover these kinds of assaults with the hope of a public dialogue being spurred for chance.