Dancing In The Dark


On the night of November 8, 2016 something fell off course.  Many Americans felts that theoretically a Trump victory was possible but so was Prince coming back from the dead in a fog of purple rain. Things like that just don’t happen but like any fairy tale we always knew the fairy dust was fake and probably made in China. We got fooled into believing we knew what was best and we knew who the enemy was. Half of the county thought the enemy was Trump and the other half thought it was Clinton but in the end the real enemy was us all. Trump won a victory over Clinton simply by virtue of not being a Clinton. Perhaps Bernie could have pulled it off but perhaps not. History will never reveal the answer. Now that the shock has fully bloomed as always people become predicable and it’s the most boring and brutal story known to humanity. Revenge and retaliation in the name of justice and liberty is the best plot like any good blockbuster to the stories of history. We know this sing song so well that we don’t even buy in to it anymore. How unoriginal can you get? But then nights like November 8, 2016 turn out to be real and suddenly gravity pulls us back to the hell that is earth.

Trump voters are still watching the movie and waiting for the best parts still to come. Rambo is just getting started with Mother Teresa. But what they don’t realize is that the movie will not end in the predictable outcome of Teresa’s head on a plate. Meanwhile Clinton voters are now in the lobby and they want refunds. This was not what they thought the movie was about. They knew Mother Teresa was supposed to win not fucking Rambo. By the grace of Teresa’s selfless ego Rambo was supposed to explode and all would be right in the world again. Why the deceptions? The trailer spoke of hope and progress not the brutality and rage that was just seen. After all that’s how the movie ended eight years ago when Obama won. Our hero our lord and savior Obama was going to deliver us to the promise land and Santa Claus was preparing to deliver us presents under the Christmas tree. Now that the shoe is on the other foot Trump supporters are expecting the same wet dream Clinton supporters bought into eights years ago. Rambo has now won and the victory march is soon to come. And just like with Obama Rambo will turn out to be a myth come Christmas morning when the only thing left under the tree is a cold lump of smelly coal. Feed us bread and give us circuses and all our yesterdays will simply light us fools to our dusty deaths. And all the sounds of fury will fall into the hollow of the cave.