Where’s The Kool-Aid

Breaking News!

Reporting live from your kid is crazy land a.k.a. the school Halloween Fair , Berdina is on the ground with the victims of this recent development.

Berdina what can you tell us about what you know happened in the wake of this newest terrorist attack?

Well bitches it seems that a lot of people forgot to use that condom in their back pocket the night the authorities released them from jail back in 2003. But the locals tell me that they knew there was something wrong many years ago.

Like what?

Well we don’t have enough details at the moment but it seems that back in the day parents used to get drunk and high at these kind of events but now since we are all vegan and unicorns no one wants to play with their own kids because frankly speaking they never wanted to in the first place. No one did. Not even the kids.

What else can you tell us?

Wait! I can’t hear you. Dancing Queen is playing!

Well folks it seems that we’ve lost Berdina to Dancing Queens.