Christmas With Kafka

Alas, Christmas has come and gone just like a good one night stand. Why bother looking forward to Christmas when you know it will be over soon? Life is full of disappointments and we often forget the art of the joke. The art of being delightfully cantankerous was well known to Kafka. As David Foster Wallace said “it’s next to impossible to get college students to see that Kafka is funny…Nor to appreciate the way funniness is bound up with the extraordinary power of his stories” as  “A Little Fable” demonstrated thru the use of intuitive perception and form. Qualities Wallace found lacking in American college students intellectual portfolio.

Life in the form of a Kafka joke I believe is the best way to understand the frailties of the so-called ‘human condition’. If the average human is suffering from a condition called life why not have the outlook of the cat? Being a truly hedonistic grumpy cat for half of your life is liberating to those of us who find living a challenge to the traditional stories and ideas of happiness. The mice of this world are like weather reporters at six in the morning which are often mildly clueless I find. Take camping for example. Who in their right minds would think going to REI and buying shit so you can then go out and sleep in it for free is a good way to bring about a sense of happiness and peace to your boring pedestrian suburban lifestyle? A mouse who’s spent too much time on a spinning wheel.

Civilization was founded on rancor. Those hunters and gatherers knew all too well about natural habitants and figured out that mother nature wanted your ass dead and eaten. Hatred of the out doors and mud was the driving force that gave us the Futile Crescent. So when people I thought I liked ask if I want to go camping  with them I immediately know I need to find new ones. Hatred is for free. Merry Christmas you clueless mice. And may the New Year bring you more happiness so I can steal your soul!