A New Year: Princess Leia’s Singing In The Rain

The year 2016 is ending and all is well during the best of times and worst. The advantage of distance and hindsight are gifts history affords us. Or at the least should be during times of trepidation and melancholy. It’s important to take into consideration what we have achieved as well as what still lays ahead. This year has brought many down a peg or two and then some. The Clinton cult is still trying to frame Rambo as well as the Reds for the future zombie apocalypse yet to happen. But Princess Leia is still giving us her strength and courage along with the star that is still ma…Debbie Reynolds. We are fortunate for such beautiful people to have lived not only in our hearts and souls but also our homes and shelters our worlds and heaths during our time on this earth.

It’s important to embrace the loss of such truly gifted artists, dissidents, and friends we’ve lost over the last year and mourn their loss with the respect and humility they worked tirelessly to give this world. To remember the gifts they gave that will stand the test of not only our time but for many times to come. Hope was not lost as Pandora knew so well. Evil did escape but not grit and determination and certainly never esperanza. Carrie Fisher knew life consisted of small Kafka moments and was determined to embrace the bittersweet beauty that was her life. I too welcome the light and the dark sides that make up my memory palace. After all one man’s garbage is a castle to one woman’s tale.

So with out further doom let’s celebrate the beauties we still have on this earth as their times and our times still call for dancing and singing. Madonna is still blazing new trails and Barbara Streisand beseeches us to sing our song . Queen Bee hasn’t even started and Nikki is slaying all the way to the bank. These are but a few remarkable women with shining stars we still are blessed to have in our gloomy planet. Of course our world would never stand a chance without the men of this earth standing by guarding the universe. Princess Leia without Han Solo is like a desert without sand. Kathy’s dancing without Don lacks any chance of visceral dignity. No star would be conceived without Barbara and Kris and Jay-Z would look like Becky without a fighting chance. Meanwhile Chomsky is soon to grace us with a Vegas show stopper and Bernie’s ready to fight without Mother Theresa’s eyes watching. Indeed, it is the worst of times and best. May we all have a happy and blessed New Year.