My Face. My Rules.

Over the last year many a makeup bloggers from Jeffree Star to PatrickStarr to the profoundly beautiful transformation Clawdeena9 did on his mother to the beauty that is Grav3yardgilr with her uncompromising persona the power of makeup challenge initialed by the ethereal Nikki of Nikki Tutorials was a profound success. Nikki spoke a truth that so many of us girly girls feel when we reveal our love, our passion and our obsession with makeup. That to love makeup is to be judged as a fake or not worthy of recognition as an artist thus as an art form. Woman have been drilled into believing that makeup is everything from a form of oppression to a staple status quo that all women must participate in. Too much or too little red lipstick on a woman can qualify as a sign of either fragility or bitchiness depending on many mitigating factors too numerous to name in this post. But the fact that makeup is a gauge at all of women and not men is a story worth considering even if briefly. Lisa Eldridge’s latest book Face Paint: The Story of Makeup chronicles the history of humanity’s need to paint our faces. From the Egyptians to the Victorians the story of makeup as she says is an untold story of women. And that’s why makeup regardless of your personal views should be considered worthy of all our attention.