Bad Feminist

This weekends women marched around the globe with a sea change message for all of the world to witness. We are not on this earth to serve the greater good of patriarchy and our purpose in life is not to wait hand and foot on our fathers, husbands, brothers or sons. We are not working in the corporate or blue collar markets simply to assist the big bosses in their climb to the top while our contributions go unnoticed.

We are equals to our male counterparts in what ever situations we find ourselves in whether out of choice or circumstances and our presence is not an affront to the male population’s collective ego. We call this narrative feminism. So with that being said what exactly is being a feminist mean and what does it not? What does practicing feminism look like for a woman but not a man and is there even a dichotomy between the two?

We think we know the common sense answers to the above questions but of course as often happens the reality is usually the opposite. Such posited questions are multifaceted thus no right or wrong answers are set in stone. The laws of thermal energy or Newton’s laws of gravity are not subject to the practice of feminism. Being a feminist is not about having commonly shared ideas and opinions of what is and is not proper feminism as if comparative to a religion or cult.

The questions are subject to the dynamics people find themselves in such as what religions and countries and cultures they live in and how those influences have impacted their mindset therefore the answers lie in the gray zones for each person. For me being a feminist is not very complicated. If you believe women are entitled and equal to men in any regard you just might be a feminist.

With that being said, I want to take a survey. If a woman voted for Trump does that mean she’s not a feminist? And if such said woman did vote for Trump and didn’t think the Women’s march was a safe space to express her views on conservative issues does that reflect badly on the feminist movement in general?