Dear Brutus

Mike Pence is a Brutus in waiting and Julius Caesar will soon face the senate with a group of fellow assassins all biding for the crown of the next Caesar. Yah…that worked out well for the Romans didn’t it?  What many Americans seem to be feeling is fear instead of hope. And if you can’t see the danger of giving into fear over hope than you are not part of the answer but the problem. Do you really think that this crisis is going to end if Trump magically disappears? All I hear is Trump this and Trump that as if this mini-man (no pun but fun in the sun) where somehow an all powerful evil wizard sent from the Dark Side. He’s not Darth Vader, unfortunately.

But of course we can’t be naive about the reality of his presidency either. What ultimately makes him so weak is simple but also deathly. He operates on a knee-jerk speed which any well-bread leader knows is as good as signing your own death certificate. Yes he’s the President and we must tread lightly and yes the sakes are higher than ever before but also remember we American’s have an advantage that most people thru out history and thru out our current world only dream of.

Lucky for us we live in a distinctly American form of democracy. Call them what you will but the founding fathers gave us an inheritance of checks and balances that was put in place precisely because of men like Julius Caesar. They knew their history well. Madison of all men knew the faults of past democracies namely that in times of political crisis a mod mentality usually wins. And lets not romanitsizes our founding fathers either. They were patricians that believed the plebeians of America needed to be controlled just like most leading thinkers of the past and present. Regardless of their original intentions and vision of America we the people, we as American citizen’s,  are now entitled to the same reality and audacity they envisioned for themselves.

That hope, promise and vision was won on the backs of slaves and women in the 19th century and continued during the civil rights movement. So don’t throw away the blood and sacrifices of countless past American’s that found the times they were living in much worse than anything we are or ever care to image much less live through. Have some respect and dignity and start living with hope. It’s a gift few humans have known. Past American’s didn’t sacrifice their lives just so you could whine about being scared of some make believe boogie man. They died for us precisely because they faced real boogie men that truly had the power to end their lives in a blink of an eye so we wouldn’t have to.