Hatred From The Other Room

In the last year, due to our lack of humility as Americans, we have created a country where the only thing that matters is the color of your skin. Our long history of judging skin color in order to pass within either minority societies or non-minority societies is well documented and should not be surprising to any of us. And yet, we Americans keep insisting that our place in American history is somehow unique. It’s not. Not by a long shot. When President Hoover took office in 1929 the Great Depression was already in full swing. Hoover, simply stated, was a charlatan and the American people came to a breaking point during his years in office. Riots of vengeance where commonplace throughout the country and also on the hills of D.C..

Fast forward to today and one would think the American people would have studied a little, petite, bite of our collective historical DNA. But reality is and will always be stranger than fiction. As of 2017 the United States has little standing within the greater powers of the world thanks to President’s Trump’s inability to comprehend what is and isn’t outside of the purview or jurisdiction of the office he claims to know so much about, just like his ancestor President Hoover.

Obviously, the good ole days are gone and the American people are no longer under any real authority to control their inflamed egotistical minds. Both the Democrats and Republicans are equally at fault regardless of any biased media outlets that may willingly follow along in tune to their preferred news network. But there is no doubt that all media, social or otherwise, has played a dualistic role in creating this Kafka twilight zone we now call reality.

Last weeks display of violence by White Supremacist in Charlotte, North Carolina only shows us how desperate they really are. They believe themselves to be victims of a country they founded. In their minds we ordinary Americans are blinded by a hatred of the white race which of course only leaves one begging the question. These white Nationalist are simply incapable of believing in facts and it’s a mistake to believe that you can fight lunacy with logic.

On September 2 a rally is scheduled to take place in Austin by a group known as “The Dixie Freedom Rally”. Of course most of us in Austin do not care to participate in such a display of hypocrisy. A counter rally is also scheduled for the same day and many plan to show up to that event as well. I have to admit that I think it’s a mistake to hold a counter rally as this will only feed into the mindset of the White Nationals and prove to them that they are in fact right about all they believe. As stated above, you cannot fight lunacy with logic and there’s no hope of salvation if we allow the White Nationals to win by virtue of our own stupidity. A stupidity that is a common factor in the downward decline of the Democratic Party. Whigs and Tory’s are our trip to the circus and if we continue feeding into the idea that we can change the world then the clowns will never need to be called in. The world will never bend simply because the human animal chooses to believe he can do such. But what we can do is allow the world to change us.